The view from my window.

I think we can say autumn has definitely arrived, it’s a beautiful day in England.



I wonder if someone will sweep the leaves up!


  1. Beautiful trees. I love Autumn leaves. I never knew you lived in the UK. I have just posted about my new website which is finally up and running.


  2. Autumn has been special this year with lots of rich colours, Your photo’s were lovely, .. So is your artwork I went along to look I would have commented on your Acrylic paintings, but comments were closed.. I also like to paint using this medium and pastels,..
    Your digital art forms are also special, It is something I have not really tried, except to dabble in the computer paint box.. I find it hard to master. But I know programmes are available which give the artist more scope for creativity than in ‘Paint’ on the PC..

    Loved your Giraffe, fox, Lion and horse… I recently painted in Acrylics, a lion, leopard and tiger…. All now hanging on my wall..
    Good to meet you Elaine, I think we may have lots in common..

    I am going to follow you, but please do not be disappointed if I miss a few posts.. I follow over 300 people, and I have been in the process of shortening that list.. But I love the energy of your blog, and look forward to future conversations..
    Have a great weekend, Wrap up warm, I hear it is going to get cold.


    1. Thanks Sue, I enjoyed acrylic painting for the short time I did it but did not have the room for all the canvases! I never ever thought I would be able to master digital painting but it is coming along nicely now, mainly down to help from the other side 😇 I love it now. Thank you for the follow, any friend of Raili is usually right up my street 😉🦊

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      1. Big smiles.. it seems many get help from the other side.. We are all of us finding each other just when our lights need to burn that bit brighter into the world..
        Take care Elaine… Enjoy your weekend.. 🙂

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  3. What a lovely window view! Sadly we had hail and rain here today but I do like crisp autumn leaves. I hadn’t realised until getting a marketing email (along the lines of ‘buy some more jumpers, winter is coming!’) that the clocks go back this weekend, that seems to have passed me by until now, so thought I’d mention it just incase the same happens to you! 🙂

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