It’s time to paint πŸ‘

I woke up at 4.30 then tossed and turned until 6am before getting out of bed and heading towards my painting tablet. I’ve noticed on the Etsy site that a lot of people do prints on white backgrounds. So I decided to paint a squirrel 🐿 one with a white background and one with a shaded background. Which do you prefer?

Happy Monday everyone πŸ˜‰




      1. Um… White background, I think… if it’s just a squirrel out of any context, white is best for me, but if it’s nestled in a suggested landscape with a hint of leaves or trees or whatever, green is a better background to build on πŸ™‚

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      1. Yes, a squirrel would look just wonderful as background on my Mac. LOL

        you’re a sweetie for thinking of me like that. if you’re gonna email me a redhead, I’d prefer her at least 5′ 2″, 120, stacked, looks good in heels and a skirt and preferably no husband. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Yes, I agree with Ruth, I too like both, differently.
    The art teacher in me would say that the green background is too polished and it misses something. the squirrel is made of busy lines and tons of details. the flat green background steals the eyes’ attention from your beautiful detailed drawing.

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    1. Ah thank you , I can see that now. It’s funny I’m working on a rabbit behind some grass and flowers and because there is so much detail the rabbit and the forefront are fighting each other. I am learning as I go. Thank you so much 😊

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      1. Thank you for posting your art and for asking for feedback. Your paintings are stunningly beautiful and so detailed!
        Art is never done. It is a process not a final piece. It is research and reflection. And as you say, a true artist learns as he/she goes. Like you.

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              1. You should enter competitions and search the web for job opportunities in the field! Your art is beautiful and so in tune with illustrations in children’s books.
                check these websites

                google book illustrators competitions 2018 or 2019…!

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  2. After reading the comments, I’m glad to see someone else thinks you would be a good book illustrator. The animals are very detailed and realistic, capturing their unique features. A great job. Either is fine but I love color too. Can’t decide. The grey in the comment box I don’t like. The writing shows in white, hard to read for me at least. Glad to see you painting again, especially the animals…yea!

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  3. That’s a toss up because I like the white background, but the green also adds a different feel. Sorry you couldn’t sleep. I’m usually up at 5 am until 7 30 and once the littles are off to school go back to bed until 10 when my son gets up and gets ready for work since he’s working 12 – 9 30 and everyone’s schedule is do different. All shiftwork My daughter is re-certing her course for work (she’s equivalent to ambulance attendant) every 3 years so she’s actually 8 30 to 4 30 not 1 – 11 30 or 5 to 3 30 she works 10 hour days and my son 13 hour days…


  4. Just catching up again a little today and noticed the blog template, I likey. Also a very cute squirrel – I think green is a little more ‘Elaine’, but the white does give it that ‘modern’ edge that, as you say, many like those on Etsy tend to use. Which do YOU prefer? I hope you manage to sleep a little better tonight. I was up at 3 and give up tossing and turning by 4.30 just as you were starting the same fidget process, it’s a nightmare isn’t it! xx

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