The fox 2 🦊

Every so often I feel the pain of giving birth to a painting! Well here he is.


Trust me it was a very difficult labour, he took some pushing and pulling and I even had to behead him a few times 😬 I almost threw the painting tablet out of the window!

I won’t be attempting any more fox paintings for a while! He is a handsome brute though 😍 and worth the pain.


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  1. My granddaughter was here as I was on your site and she was captivated by your art. Her mouth dropped poem and hung that way until shed seen all your art work. She even asked if we could look again, so we did, a couple of times. She simply starred in wonder. I told her never give up on your dreams, because it will happen and can at any age. So thank y you for shearing your art. Ur was a wonderful experience to share.

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      1. Great! I was also thinking in the long term, about commissioning you to paint a picture of my kids if I sent you a photograph? Don’t worry If that’s not something you do, it’s just something I’ve thought of as I look to your pictures. You’re so talented xx

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  2. Wow he’s beautiful. Your art has really come along since I last visited you (and it was good before)! I’m so sad to read your message. I know you’ve been getting tested for a long time and been waiting on answers. I hope now that they know, they’re able to keep a handle on it and ensure you keep well? How kind that you’ve been thinking of my dad. He’s cost the NHS a fortune! Had two shoulder op’s (arthritis), special drugs for his stomach to help him eat ( he was fading away to nothing because he was always feeling sick) and he’s due an eye operation (droopy eyelid). Hopefully most stuff is fixable but his stomach has eroded so he’ll be on drugs for this for the future. I’m hoping to start blogging again. My anonymity is under threat though. A local person found an article I wrote about the old cinema and it’s been read 3k times in the past three days. I’ve had to delete about 100 blog posts for fear of outing myself/offending just about everyone I know haha!

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    1. Hurray you’re coming back 🙂🙃🙂 So you’ve been outed lol, I try my hardest not to write anything too revealing, my sister now reads my blog, my two daughters occasionally have a look so I can’t vent too much about their dad 😬

      I’ve also had to hide my mother posts because if she read what I think are my humorous stories about her she would go mad 😠It’s funny that because she was only saying the other day that I did not have a sense of humour 🤔

      I’m so pleased your dad is ok ish! Along hopefully with your mum and auntie, husband and beautiful little boy. Looking forward to reading your toned down stories lol. 🦊 You have made my day.


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