Wishing on a star 💫



I write a lot about staying in the light as opposed to the dark, which has suddenly dawned on me 😉 (get that) Dawn, Dusk 🤷🏼‍♀️

Light and dark = positive and negative.

I think sensitive people sometimes have a hard time on WordPress. Sensitive people feel other people’s pain because they can empathise.  I can go for so long then I need to retreat, to let go of other people’s feelings and emotions and also sort out my own!

Sensitive people can be disappointed by other people’s actions, wrongly assuming that everyone thinks about things as they do.

Life is not like that, we all have our own paths to follow. I am a strong believer that the more you give out in this world the more you get back. The more love we give the more we receive. 😇

Unfortunately not everything is black and white. 🤭

I am facing a few health issues myself at the moment and a new one is affecting my painting 😠. Obviously I won’t let it stop me, trust me nothing will stop me painting .

I can assure you that I’m  not looking for a pity party 🎉 🎈  Positivity is the way forward, remembering that there are always others in the world in a better and worse place than me.



Copyright © Rose Elaine’s paintings 2018, all rights reserved.


  1. Oh Elaine. I am so sorry to hear you are unwell at the moment. I haven’t been so well either unfortunately and it has stopped me from doing what I love and I’m not so good at taking tie out for myself. If only there was a cure out there and we could wave a magic wand and everything would be alright again. I do love the wishing on the star that there is hope. Oh and I loved that digital art you amde for me of the angel with the turquoise background. It was very thoughtful.

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  2. I was so happy to see a new post by you today! I completely understand you needing a break from wordpress, but me and Dizzy have missed you. x I’m sorry to hear you are going through health issues at the moment. We’re sending hugs. And your new website design looks amazing! I liked it before, but this ones stunning and really grabs your attention. We love it. xxx

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  3. Thinking of you Elaine – hope all is well and keeping you in my positive thoughts. I especially love your painting too! Hope you feel well soon!

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  4. That is such a sweet painting! I have to send to L. I love that attitude, and yes sometimes hard to maintain. I’m taking my frustrations out on writing semi horror this month!😂

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  5. A beautiful painting, and I also love the new blog layout (not sure if I said that before, in which case I’ll say it again!)
    You’re right with the light/dark thing, and also with empathising with others and how after a while we need to retreat because it can weigh quite heavily. Life isn’t black and white, but certainly putting goodness and positivity out there into the world is the best thing we can hope to do.xxxx

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  6. Ahhh. Sweet Elaine, I send You soooo much Love and Light. I hope everything clears up for You and wish You a beautiful quality of ease through Your journey. You are so surrounded by Angels it’s not funny. You have to be! And I understand about getting sensitive in blogland. People come, people go. People get hurt/angry about things I don’t begin to understand. Just try to observe and send love. Limit my daily time here. I’ve had someone I thought I was getting to be friends with become very angry with me and vanish. There was no fight or altercation….just a complete turning their back on me for whatever reason. I still don’t know what happened. I didn’t ask. It hurt my feelings….but like You said, we can never really know what someone is going through across the world. Gosh, even down the street. And with the complications of language and life…who knows. It’s a really good place to learn not to take life personally, which is a thing I have to practice often. You gift much joy and many smiles. Your art flows and no matter what Your ailment may be; if it lingers Your art will find new, joyful ways to come out of You…it’s impossible to imagine You not expressing Yourself. 💖❤️💖

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