Upgraded to a 22 inch ex-pen tablet.

After six months of using my 13-1/2 inch screen I felt I was ready to stretch myself yet again before I got too comfortable. Therefore I have invested in a new ex-pen tablet which was on offer on Amazon.

Ex-pen is a much cheaper option than Wacom and after doing some research, reading reviews and watching You Tube, I felt that this is the one for me.

This tablet comes with a built-in stand, so rather sitting down with the tablet on my lap this one needs to be on a table. ( it is quite heavy)

John connected it up and I looked at my previous paintings on the big screen.

The stylus is different.

The smaller screen stylus is the top one and my new stylus is larger and better to hold it also does not slip.

Somehow I feel like I am doing a cross between acrylic and digital painting working from a table again!  I hope I adjust quickly, I love the new size because I no longer have to keep moving my painting away from the colours and tools menu

Time will tell, hopefully it will be a good investment. 😬


      1. by jim-man-knee cricket ….i did make make a real emoticon! …does that make me real tooo? 🙂 my A.G.logo is the third one… new one launches Jan. 2019…..the 2018 version is picture of a tree at night with a blue matt over laying the negative space of the A G the trick is to make it big and then shrink it down….and keep for a copy and paste for whenever you want to use it…

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