Giving birth to a digital painting

Some of my regular followers will remember when I did a step by step acrylic painting, I said never again!

Yet here I am 🀯 showing how I do a digital painting, to show you how easy it is, which it usually is when I don’t think too much about it 😀

This was my reference photo, gosh he is a handsome beast!

First of all I did the outline adding some colours

Then more and more colours blending, blending and blendddiiiinnngggg

Until he resembled a teddy bear

I decided to add a black background to make the colours stand out

Then I ended up with a cube lion or should that be dandy lion 🦁

I know let’s add more colours!

And put in his eyes πŸ‘€

Getting there now …. NOT!

I know let’s add even more colour and perform a leg removal !

I then added more black and reduced the size of his mane!

The finishing touches was the moon ! πŸ˜‰ This painting took probably three times as long to complete πŸ™„ and I DEFINITELY will NOT be doing anymore step by step paintings.

Elaine 🌹


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