Awake in the night.

It’s been ages since I’ve been awake in the night but after several good nights sleep I think my sleep tank is full.

Yesterday was an eventful day, I finally got around to sorting out my acrylic paintings. Would you believe I had over one hundred canvases.😳

My favourites paintings are on the walls within our apartment but due to the fact I am getting my cross trainer back from my youngest daughter I need the space and all of my paintings were in crates under a large table.

I actually removed the canvas from the frames because I didn’t want my paintings to just be chucked onto landfill. The frames have gone to be recycled and I’ve destroyed the canvases. However I do have photographs of all of my paintings and the memories of how I felt when I painted them.

I am definitely not a collector of items, in fact I find it cathartic to remove things from my home. After all they are just possessions and I don’t need possessions. I hold all my special memories in my heart.

My 87-year-old mum is the same she is always getting rid of things and I must take after her because she gives things to charity too. My earlier paintings, I felt were not suitable to give away and I doubt that I will ever be likened to the painter, Turner whose earlier paintings made a fortune. No way, they were part of the journey to where I find myself today.

I kept my self-portrait, not out of vanity but because it’s pretty damned good, if I say so myself. πŸ˜‰ considering how new, I was to painting then.


I am really enjoying my digital painting and although I still have heaps to learn I am getting by with my limited knowledge. It’s been trial and error but at least they only take up space on my laptop!

Thank you for all your encouragement, I do appreciate all of your comments, some of which make me laugh! Keep them coming.

Thank you,

Elaine x


P.S. Suze……. You now have the only painting of mine on your bedroom wall πŸ˜‰


  1. I am not liking this post. A horrible thing to do! Maybe your grandchildren would like to have had them! I see your photo, you look pleased, so I guess it’s for the best. It does make me sad though.πŸ˜”

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    1. They chose the paintings they wanted. I’m sorry your sad 😒 but space does not allow such luxuries. Both my daughters are tidy freaks so I know they wouldn’t want them. It’s been a journey and I have captured it in my photos. Onwards and upwards ☺️

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  2. I’m similar in finding getting rid of possessions (even though I do seem to end up with more and repeat the cycle quite regularly) cathartic. I think keeping photos of your canvasses is a great idea and as you say, it’s more important to have the experiences, the memories, the journey through what you’ve done along the way. Your self-portrait is incredibly good and, future Turner-to-be, so are your digital works! πŸ™‚
    Caz x

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  3. Other people are never happy when artists throw away their paintings but, to me, it’s like cooking: if you cook something that hasn’t come out the way you wanted it to, or if you are tired of having that dish, you would either throw it away or never make it again. I do the same with my non-digital art and I’ve been painting since I was a child. πŸ™‚ Keep on doing what you need to do.

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