It’s nine years today Dad


It’s nine years today Dad since you passed away

I remember that day Dad, like it was yesterday

I prayed for you to go Dad, even though I loved you so

You hung on to life Dad, but it was your time to go.

You took your final breath Dad with your family by your side

And sadness overtook us,  our feelings we did not hide

We all come and go Dad, that is how it goes

But one thing that I’m certain of Dad

We will meet again, I KNOW.

Elaine 🌹


  1. It’s funny, but for some reason I do not remember the anniversaries of when my parents died. We laughed, cried, celebrated and now have our memories to keep them alive in our hearts

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      1. It’s no wonder you remember then. He was blessed to have you help him. My Dad died in his bed in a nursing home. He was alone at the time. I believe he chose his time at some level when he was ready. He had severe dementia which rapidly got worse after Mum died.

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  2. This is such a wonderful tribute, Elaine. He would be incredibly proud of you. Thinking of you at what I can only imagine must be a difficult time..  ♥ ♥
    Caz xx

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