Sasha makes a decision.


Sasha watched Charlie with his new kittens, he had been shocked again because he thought there had only been one kitten, he had run away before the other one was spotted.

She could tell that he was ill at ease with the kittens and not comfortable with the situation. He began to tell Sasha what had happened to him over the last few weeks, he was looking for some sympathy but none was forthcoming from Sasha.

She looked at the kittens who both looked at her with love in their eyes. She had made her decision.

Charlie would no longer be a part of her life, she was going to be a one parent cat, this was the end of Charlie and her.

Charlie saw the look in her eyes and knew from his own stupidity he had lost the true love of his life.

He turned and walked away defeated.

Sasha and Charlie were no more. πŸ’”