Charlie returns to the meadow

It was almost 3 weeks since Charlie had seen Sasha, he had run away because he felt so ashamed that his indiscretions had come out. Charlie had cheated on Sasha and as a result two kittens had been left for him to deal with. Overcome with guilt and panic he had fled from the meadow and had almost come to a sticky end. If it wasn’t for the kind vet he would have been in Kitty heaven now floating on a cloud watching his family from above.

He sat on the wall surveying the situation to see how Sasha would react.

To say that Sasha was shocked was an understatement! She had mixed emotions. She told Charlie to come and meet his kittens who she had named Susie and Sam.

Charlie walked across to see the kittens Susie had his eyes and Sam had his mother’s eyes which would be a constant reminder of his infidelity.

Sasha sat like stone not giving him any eye contact, he knew he had hurt her.

Would she ever forgive him, would her heart melt, he obviously had some serious sucking up to do. 🙀


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