Sea view in digital

I decided I wanted a change today after a stressful morning stripping and dismantling the bed for a new bed delivery I arranged for our current bed and mattress to be collected by The British Heart Foundation tomorrow.

The courier arrived with just the mattress and no base! After chasing them on the phone the base is coming on Friday. So the old bed was put back together and made and the collection changed to Friday.

I felt frazzled then did not know what to paint so I looked on Pixaby and found this photograph which looked so relaxing.

I then did my own version of it…….and realised it didn’t look right…

It was too sparse so I added more at the bottom. Finishing up with this.

I love the colours and it has really cheered me up 😊 If you’re feeling blah I hope it makes you feel better too.

Elaine. X


  1. Definitely makes me feel better to look at this too. I hope it’s helped to de-stress you a little – what a mess, to have a bed arrive with no base! So all being well, the rest of the bed will arrive tomorrow and the old bed can be collected by the BHF too… My fingers are crossed it all goes smoothly this time! x

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