My interpretation of the lady in the garden

Months ago I attempted to paint the famous painting The Lady in the garden in acrylic paint and I was pleased with the final result as shown below. She currently resides on my lounge wall.

When I began digital painting I tried to do her again and achieved the result below which to me looked flat and cartoon like.

So I decided to try again today and achieved this look, I think I’m getting there! Or maybe I’m wrong to try to make digital look like acrylics. What do you think ?


      1. From these three examples, the traditional one has the most depth. But who knows, in a little bit you might be able to achieve that with the digital, too! The progression between the two digital is impressive, and it’s neat to compare three versions of the same subject.

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      1. Post what your heart tells you to – there’s no right or wrong. Interestingly, I had a heartwarming email contact from one of my followers wanting to know if I was alright as she had noticed I wasn’t posting as usual. She didn’t realise we were travelling in places with no internet access. I was so touched that someone from the other side of the world reached out to ask if there was anything she could do to help 🙂

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  1. The digital acrylic look does justice in my opinion; it makes the colours and the scenery pop and there’s more sense of emotion attached, it’s amazing Elaine! x

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