Charlie’s fate!

Charlie felt like he was flying, in reality he was being carried down the long corridor where cats never came back from!

He was thinking of when he met Sasha and fell in love with her, life was so good then.

He remembered when she was in trouble having their son Kit-Kat and how they made the difficult journey to the kind vet who helped them.

That was such a worrying time, they did not realise that Kit-Kat was going to be so large.

He could almost hear the vets soothing tone saying that Sasha would not be able to have anymore kittens. He could hear that soothing voice now saying

” I know this cat, he has been missing from the meadow near my practice ”

It was the kindly vet who just happened to be covering for the usual vet who was on holiday.

” No way am I putting this cat to sleep, I’m taking him back with me. ”

“Let him sleep off the chloroform in the basket in the back of my Land Rover, ” I will take him back to the meadow where he belongs”

Charlie gave a contented sigh and fell asleep, he was saved.

How lucky was that 😉


  1. Yaaaaaaay!!!! You had me worried there Elaine, I thought this was going to take a dark turn at the end for this poor little guy. Live, Charlie, live and be happy!! 🙂

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