Charlie and Sasha

It had been two weeks since Charlie  had run away from his love kittens and Sasha. Sasha had been so busy with the kittens who she had now fallen in love with, the kittens were adorable.

They had grown with the sheep milk and they were full of fun. The girl kitten who she had called Susie was always by her side. The boy kitten who she named Sam was full of mischief, he was forever climbing on to things including her!

The sheep had all accepted them in the meadow and Sasha was happy that she could talk to Kit Kat everyday. Kit-Kat was shocked by his father’s behaviour and surprised that he had run away from his responsibilities.

Meanwhile Charlie was beside himself locked in his cage, he had tried to escape many times but the staff were too vigilant and so far he had not been able to escape. His throat was raw with meowing he knew it was only a matter of time for him.

He had scratched one young lady and bit another in his quest to escape. He had heard from the other cats that if they did that then they wouldn’t be rehoused. No they went down a long corridor and were never seen again.

What was going to happen to Charlie would he never see the meadow again?


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