1. I do, both my daughters don’t because they wouldn’t want their children to behave like they do on the program. I like the psychology of watching how people react to events. Danny Dyers daughter is not the typical love island contestant, she has been a credit to her mum and dad. It’s a sad world we live in when men and women are so disrespectful to each other. So many players.

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          1. When I watched Big Brother (I missed the very first but caught up on the second series) it was still novel and people weren’t as interested as they were in later episodes in simply what they can get out of the show. I quite enjoyed some of those earlier ones for the same reason – like a psychological experiment almost, observing how people interact and respond, it’s fascinating. You’re right though; there will be some who are wonderful, and others who reveal themselves to be pretty nasty people, which is forever on the air for all of the world to see then!

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