To say that Charlie was all-seeing and knowing  it’s surprising that he didn’t see two of his love kittens landing on his door step ( or should that be meadow ) He was deeply ashamed, yesterday was bad enough for Sasha when Kit-Kat did not want to go home with them preferring to stay with Leon and the llamas!

Charlie ran away, he ran for miles and miles before becoming exhausted and collapsing by the side of the road in a deep sleep.


When he awoke he did not know where he was! He was in a cage, was he at the vets. A lady had thought he was injured lying by the side of the road and had taken him to the cats rescue centre so he could be checked over. He had no collar or chip notifying who he belonged to so he had been put in a cage to rest and to wait until anyone reported him missing. If nobody came forward after two weeks he would be offered out for adoption…..and if nobody wanted him well! 😬   Oh Charlie what have you done now.

Meanwhile Sasha had gone back to the kittens, it wasn’t their fault that they had been born and left. She wrapped them in the blanket and decided to see if Cynthia the sheep had any idea how to keep them alive.

She found Cynthia and explained what had happened. Cynthia suggested that they ask one of the sheep who had given birth earlier that day to a stillborn lamb if she would let the kittens suckle some milk from her.

The sheep agreed, she was heavy with milk and it would relieve her if they did. The two kittens fed hungrily then fell into a contented sleep.



  1. Oh dear, Charlie, what a muddle you’ve got yourself into!
    I’m sorry about the poor sheep having a stillborn baby, but it’s lovely that she was able to help the kittens (good idea, Cynthia!) x

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