We should all try!



I try to understand this world that we live in

I try to comprehend what I’m feeling so deeply within

I try to understand why negativity is breeding

I try to understand why greed for the material is feeding.


I try to be positive when the rest of the world is crying

I try to understand why people are ill and why they are dying

I try to bring peace to others in their time of need

I try to not let those dark feelings inside me succeed.


I try to find forgiveness to my fellow human beings

I try to make them feel compassion and be all-seeing

I try to show them the beauty of the world that we live in

I try to point out that they should be dancing and singing.


I try to bring happiness and joy to those of us who need it

I try to dispel their sadness by helping them not to feed it

I try to bring joy and laughter in the small things I do

I try hard to explain things, then it is all down to you


It is down to every individual person in the world to make changes within themselves to make our world a better place to live in. We can’t change everyone else but we can change ourselves.





      1. But the conditioning in human mind is so strong that people are not ready to think beyond the boundaries made by society.. my blog is about spiritual awareness and to transform natural energies in higher dimensions of life, but people are putting site in spam..

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        1. It’s a matter of a softly softly approach, spiritual to me is different from religious beliefs. If I read a blog that is hammering religion I don’t read it. Because your site is an invite only site it may frighten some people because they will think you have something to hide 🙂


  1. Beautifully said – I also try to do these things. Sometimes we win, sometimes not. It’s just about keeping trying, keeping going, making the effort with ourselves and those around us to make positive changes, no matter how small, to the world. Love it  ♥
    Caz xx

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