Charlie panicked when he saw how distraught Sasha was after seeing the consequences of his dalliance, he began to run, he needed time to think.


Sasha lifted her head and saw him running away , was this the cat that she married, the one who promised to be faithful as long as they both shall live. The kittens cries pulled her out of the fog of despair and she pushed back the blanket to look at the kitten .



It was definitely Charlie’s there was no doubt about that. It was all black with gold eyes, not Charlie’s green eyes. It must have it’s  mothers eyes thought Sasha.  Then she noticed that there was another kitten underneath the first one,  Sasha’s eyes opened in shock. There were two kitten in the blanket.

She quickly look at the note that their mother had left and found a blur on the end of love cat. It must have been from their mothers tears. It should have read cats!

This was too much to handle Sasha turned her back and began walking away. These kitten was nothing to do with her. Let Charlie sort out his own mess.


Oh dear, how will the kitten survive on their own, they could die!


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