The consequences of Charlie’s actions.

Kit and Leon waved Charlie and Sasha off, Kit did not realise that he had broken his mother’s heart 💔 he wasn’t to know that she was barren and would never have another kitten to replace him.

Sasha and Charlie walked home in silence, Charlie had tried his best but Sasha was inconsolable, her boy did not want to come home. Sasha felt like 100 years x 7 she felt like her life was over.

When they were almost home when they both heard a pitiful mewing coming from near the stone wall.

They ran towards the sound and both were astounded to find a kitten wrapped in a blanket with a note nearby. The note read.

To Charlie tomcat,

This is the consequences of our one night together, in which you promised would be the start of the first of many, I should have known that you were a typical tomcat and that you lied your way into my heart and bed!

I can’t manage on my own with another mouth to feed so here is here is your love child…..sorry, love cat 😉 she is all yours.



Charlie felt so ashamed of himself he had been caught and outed, it had only happened the once 🤥

He remembered that night when he went into town, he had drunk too much wine and then got chatting to Susie and one thing led to another and how he had sweet catted her into believing that it was the start of something special

He heard Sasha cry out in pain, oh no, what had Charlie done?


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