1. Pretty good, over all. Saw the chiropractor last week to see what’s what. I go back in another week. He says surgery is inevitable both on my knee and back. I was hoping he might be able to do something as a stop gap. We’ll see. Hope your well. I haven’t had time to stop and chat. Busy busy with lots going on. With a teenager (about to get her drivers license – yikes!) not she’s a great little driver tbh, and little people with lots of activities in and out of school, it’s always hectic and busy. My son’s job became full time and he’s the leader in two different groups so he’s excited. My daughter is the leader in two groups in her job. Interesting that they are both on the cutting edge and in charge of making new changes. Obviously a challenge for both but exciting. Means more for gram to do, but it’s always a pleasure long as I can get around to do it. Sometimes it takes longer, but I get there! lol

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