Different art looks

This has always been one of my favourite paintings which I painted in the traditional way using acrylic paint.



When I got my Wacom tablet I tried to replicate it and this is the finished result.



I decided to try again today on my x-pen tablet and achieved the following result which I still feel can be improved. I will try again in a few months. I still prefer the original painting 😬


  1. There’s just something beautifully ‘knowing’ about her facial expression that you’ve captured in the original painting – an alluring ‘cat-that-got-the-cream’ promise hiding behind her Mona Lisa half smile – that’s probably quite difficult to recreate exactly. So personally I still love the original best 🙂 x

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  2. There’s more detail with the X-Pen (never even heard of this!) than Wacom, but I love the vibrancy in both. The original does seem to have more layers, more depth and texture, than either digital, but they all have their own special edge to them. Love your new photo that comes up when you leave a comment on your blog – you’re really pretty! 🙂


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