Boot camp continued

Kit-Kat knew that if he wanted some food he would have to jog over with the llama to get it so taking a deep breath he set off with a determined look in his eyes, he could do this for food.

The sheep cheered him on , Leon ran alongside him, he could see the food getting closer, suddenly he couldn’t see it anymore.

Kit-Kat had fainted from all the effort he had put into running. Leonard the llama was not surprised he checked him over and told Leon that Kit-Kat would be fine. He has enough fat on him not to eat for a few weeks, when he comes round he can have a drink of milk then Leonard proceeded to have a drink of milk himself.

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind,  Kit-Kat will be like a chocolate finger when we have finished with him.

This was not going to be an easy time for Kit-Kat…… how will he cope?


    1. So do I! Some weren’t meant for bootcamp, just as some weren’t meant for school & literature. He has a special quality – hopefully it’ll be discovered soon to spare him from running!! 🙂

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