Day 1 of boot camp for Kit-Kat

Kit-Kat was dreaming that he was surrounded by food, he was smiling in his dream when he heard a shrill whistle! He tried to ignore it and just look at the food but he couldn’t, then he felt something breathing heavily and opened his eyes.

day 1 boot camp

He had such a shock, where was he, was he still dreaming , if it was it was a nightmare because the sun was not even up and Kit-Kat never rose before the sun. Suddenly he remembered yesterday and began mewing for his mother.

It’s no good crying said Leonard get up onto your feet, today is the first day of your fitness training. Kit- Kat started mewing for his mother this was indeed a nightmare.

Come on boy it’s time for your breakfast said Leonard, good thought Kit-Kat food his tummy rumbled in anticipation wondering what he was going to have.

We just need to jog over to your food said Leonard, what’s jog asked Kit-Kat? Run said Leonard, Kit-Kat definitely did not like the sound of that and began mewing again he wanted his mummy.

Poor Kit-Kat how was he going to manage living here! The sheep watched on mesmerised.




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