Meeting in the meadow

There was a very important meeting in the meadow, so important that Sidney, Cynthia, Lucy, Leon, Leonard, Leona, Charlie, Sasha and  Kit-Kat were in attendance.

Leonard the llama had called the meeting because he believed that he could help Kit-Kat, he had been watching what had been happening over the meadow wall and he realised that Kit-Kat needed some discipline

He proposed that Kit-Kat attended boot camp in the meadow with him. Sasha looked worried about the prospect but she could see the relief in Charlies eyes, surely its worth a go he said!

Sidney and Cynthia knew how they felt, after all Leon prefered to hang around with the llamas and he was extremely fit following their regime chasing around the meadow.

Charlie looked at Sasha then Kit-Kat and agreed they would give it a go. The llamas said to leave him with them and come back in two weeks. They fastened a collar and lead around Kit Kat who was less than impressed but because he was tired from the walk to the meeting place he followed meekly wh



  1. Meadow cliffhanger, Elaine? Your story seems to stop mid-way through a sentence… it’s a bit like Eastenders with their doof-doofs at the end 🙂 x

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