Charlie and Sasha were having a whispered conversation. Charlie was worried, he had tried to teach his son to hunt for food to no avail. The kitten was growing by the day, forever hungry and too heavy on his paws to catch anything himself.

He ate anything he could get his paws on and the other day he arrived home with a kit Kat biscuit which he had obviously stolen from somebody and had chocolate all around his face and whiskers!

Sasha was feeling desperate, they had been told that the farmer wanted to talk to Charlie! Had the Kit Kat belonged to the farmer? She would not sleep tonight for worrying.

The next day Charlie saw the farmer and the vet waiting to speak to him and quickly ran to meet them.

The farmer and the vet had been speaking about the cats and they quickly saw that the kitten was far bigger than a normal kitten. The farmer told Charlie that somebody was stealing his lunch on a daily basis and he believed it was the kitten.

Charlie didn’t know what to say he felt so ashamed of his son. He explained that whatever he and Sasha caught food wise the kitten was always hungry. It’s because he is growing at such a fast rate explained the vet, it’s not your fault Charlie.

The vet and the farmer then said that they would help by bringing some milk and cat biscuits which would fill the kitten up. “ Has he got a name yet “ asked the vet. Charlie shook his head. “We will call him Kit Kat “said the farmer “since he is partial to them, Kit for short.”

At last the kitten had a name and help was coming to ease Charlie and Sasha hunting. Charlie licked both the vet and the farmer in thanks then ran back to give Sasha and Kit the good news.