Our new air purifier

I think I’ve mentioned lots of times that the apartment that John and I live in is extremely hot, even in winter we don’t need the central heating on! Great for the household bills but very draining physically.

I was talking to another resident a few months ago and she was saying the same and she went as far as to say it is unhealthy. That planted the seed in my mind that it might be affecting my health. Cue health anxiety.

I kept suggesting to John that we buy an air purifier because living so near to trees, a brook and a river we get lots of spores flying around and midges. I also suffer from hay fever. To cut a long story down I persuaded John that we needed one and did my research 😊

Obviously it came from Amazon we have Prime Free next day delivery 📦


I could not wait to set it up and put it on my bedside cabinet, following the directions to switch it on full for one hour before bed.    This was my conversation with John

Me… John, John, it’s brilliant I feel like Heidi up in the mountains the air is so fresh in the bedroom, just come and see, I bet you start yodelling.

John… raising his eyebrows followed me into the bedroom and shook his head before saying , I can’t notice any difference at all.

Me… take a deep breath, fill your lungs.

John…. took a short intake of breath, no, no difference it’s all in your head.😳

We went to bed and I lowered the setting but left the night light on at the top. In no time at all John was asleep and I quickly followed. I woke up around 3.30am and thought that it was morning, but that was the light. 🙄

At 7.20 am I woke up then John woke up.

Me… Well what do you think?

John…. I don’t like it, then he got up and had a shower.

Now John is not a morning person and struggles to get out of bed. I felt better than I had for ages.  John showered and dressed came into the kitchen.

Me…. well you certainly slept well, in fact I think it’s the best sleep you have had for ages.

John…. It doesn’t feel right.

Me….. I thought you said last night that it made no difference

John…. well it obviously has, I had headache 🤕

Me…. did you sleep well

John… yes because I was tired after doing so much, you might like it but I don’t.

Me… I do I feel refreshed, I didn’t sneeze in the night

John…. I did

Me….. well I never heard you!

Then I went to babysit my two grandchildren and my great grandson/granddaughter 🐢

When I got back I said to John

Me…..  ok I will take it out of the bedroom if it bothers you so much

John…. no it’s alright, you wanted it, we might as well use it

Me…. I don’t want to use it, especially if it makes you feel bad.

John…. no leave it

Me….I can try it on a lower setting.

John…. ok, we will give it another try, you wanted it!

Night two John slept again like a baby which he puts down to the fact he was using his brain a lot yesterday!!



  1. Hahah oh dear – I don’t think he’ll be able to admit now if he starts to like it and find it beneficial. It’s wonderful to hear how much it’s helped you though just having on the bedside at night, that’s amazing! I’ve been struggling a lot with my breathing lately and sleep is awful for me… you’ve convinced me to window shop a little, see what the prices are like for one of these. Keep us posted – would love to know if John actually ends up sleeping better & feeling better after a week or two!! x

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  2. I think it’s always a good idea. We had one in CO because we had lots of flowering and allergies with open windows. The kids have one that does a couple of rooms, old carpet, dogs and asthma…..it helps a lot!


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