My new great grandson/granddaughter πŸ™„

My grandson got a tortoise for his birthday which he has named Shelly apparently you can’t tell the sex of a tortoise until it’s older! Today I’m doing a spot of babysitting and I’ve seen Shelly for the first time. Therefore I have been told that I’m a great grandma πŸ‘΅Β πŸ˜¬

87803B46-C8A6-4398-AA4F-AA1D4ACBC603I got told off because I wasn’t holding him as if I liked him! 😏


    1. Really tiny, a bit creepy, they forced me to hold it. When I was little I had a tortoise but it was massive compared to this. Nowadays you have to search for one because they are protected and rare. My daughter bought it along with a starter kit home and heat lamp and it cost £250 😳 can you believe that!

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    1. I am not a great grandma to a tortoise 😀 i left them all giving it a bath in an empty ice cream carton. Very technical you have to pour water gently on its back so it thinks it’s raining….. Then they all remarked that it had done the biggest πŸ’© ever. God give me strength lol.


  1. I’m sure in time you will bond a little more to Shelly and hold the ‘baby’ as though you like him/her (made me chuckle about the sex – when does that become apparent with a tortoise then?). Congratulations on being a great grandma!! xx

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