Sasha’s operation.

The vet called Charlie over to talk to him. Now then he said, your good lady needs to have an operation as soon as possible. She is not having kittens she is having just one extremely large kitten and there is not a cat in hell chance that she can have this one normally 😉


I am going to have to give her an anaesthetic and open her up. I am going to have to remove her uterus and womb too, so no more babies for her I’m afraid. Charlie mewed in agreement and sat well back.

The vet put Sasha under anaesthetic and made a large incision on her tummy. He tied, cut and then lifted out her uterus and could make out the shape of the kitten. His daughter came in to helped and whilst he was stitching up Sasha she removed the kitten and started rubbing it in a warm towel. She cleared the kittens airwaves and it suddenly gave a gasp of breath.

To say that Charlie was relieved was an understatement. The vet checked over the kitten and told Charlie that he had a son. He allowed Charlie to visit Sasha in the recovery room.  She was in a cage with a heat lamp to help with the shock of the operation.

Charlie peeped through to let her know that she was safe and that their son was in the cage above and doing well, meanwhile she was to rest.



  1. Congratulations to the happy couple – what an ordeal poor Sasha had to go through, and quite a shock to get a huuuuge kitty rather than several! I do hope she recovers well..xx

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