Sasha is not well.

Sasha was not having an easy pregnancy she felt almost like she was going to burst and when the kittens kicked it really hurt. Charlie was concerned and suggested that they take a walk to the vets house, he was a kind man he wouldn’t turn them away.

Although the journey was not far Sasha was so tired when they got there she collapsed on the front step mewing pitifully. Charlie sat by her side and let out some loud howls to gain some attention.



Just then the vets land rover pulled up, he had been doing his morning rounds and quickly noticed the cats. He had seen them many times in the meadows and although they were wild cats he knew that they were harmless. He quickly jumped out from the land rover and sprinted over to look at the white cat which was obviously pregnant and in pain.

Now then young lady let’s take a look at you, he gently picked Sasha up and went into his surgery were he laid her on his table. Charlie had followed him in the surgery and sat far enough away to observe what was happening.


The vet felt at Sasha’s tummy and a look of surprise covered his face, he pulled his scanner near to the table and looked at the images that were coming on the screen. He shook his head in disbelief, well I never he said, a pregnant cat that’s not having kittens.

To be continued.


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