1. I love all of them for different reasons. I used to say summer…but then I was much younger then and capable of doing things in the heat that i no longer can…the it was fall…..with the autumn leaves, the smell of pine fires, crisp apples to munch on…….now, who knows. I am just grateful to live to see them all!

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  2. Ooooo – It should be easy for me to say spring because I find it so uplifting and my body doesn’t do well with cold weather as I’m cold 99% of the time as it is. Sunshine and warmth are better for me. But… the photo of snow and of golden leaves makes me remember that I also like snuggling up, seeing the changing colours, and the ‘aaah’ feeling of coming home from a walk outside in autumn/winter.
    What would be your favourite? xx

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