The new sheep are taking over!

There was mayhem in the meadow, all the sheep apart from Sidney and Cynthia were rushing to the wall for safety. Another new sheep had arrived in the meadow and this one was called Leonine. Leonard was delighted and had been chasing round the meadow with his new love interest.

Sidney was asking Charlie the all knowing and seeing cat what they could do to keep the new sheep under control. Charlie explained that the newcomers were actually Llamas and not sheep! Sidney was baffled, why put llamas in with sheep! then asked Charlie if llamas could understand sheep speak.

Charlie shook his head , he could understand llama dialect and called Leonard over. He explained that all the sheep were a little afraid of him because he was so big and ate all the flowers. Leonard apologised and said they did not want any trouble and did not mean to frighten anyone.

Both Llamas agreed to move into the field next door where they would be free to gallop around.

A good outcome all round and everyone was happy.


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