The homecoming!

At last it was time for Cynthia to return to the meadow and the farmer arrived with a trailer to take her home. Cynthia felt a mixture of emotions, what was she going to find would Sidney even notice she was back! She trotted into the trailer.

When she arrived back to the meadow all the sheep bah the new lady sheep ran to great her and Sidney was overwhelmed with emotion. He gave her the biggest sloppiest kiss and asked if she forgave him. Cynthia took one look into his deep brown and replied …………..

I hope you have enjoyed my sheep story I have certainly enjoyed writing and doing the illustrations . I also learnt something about bloat!  How could you think a well brought up sheep like Cynthia was with lamb 🙄

Elaine x


  1. I want to know what she said!!!! And, as everyone knows. all rams are randy as #%R@ so Cynthia could well have been with lamb 🙂 Beneath that genteel fleece may well beat a heated heart baahing for romance

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