Cynthia’s journey!

Cynthia was having the most wonderful dream, she was in the meadow frolicking with Sidney the sun was shining and the meadow was full of clover!


Suddenly as if a dark cloud had descended she couldn’t see him anymore. She wanted to see him why was something dragging her backwards.

Then she heard a mans voice saying  thank goodness I thought you were a goner then.  “ Let’s fix you up with a drip and get some fluids into you.  You should recover fairly quickly now. Cynthia opened one eye to see where she was, there were strange smells and bright lights, sighing she fell into a deep sleep.

The vet laid her gently in a large holding bay and fixed the drip up to her leg. He knew she would probably sleep for hours and sleep was the best medicine.

The next morning Cynthia woke up when the vet removed the drip. He knew she was hydrated and she definitely looked better than she had the night before. Bloat was a terrible illness, but if caught in time the procedure he had performed the night before gave quick relief.

“You are a lucky young lady” he said tussling her topknot, “you definitely were caught just in the nick of time. Now can you stand up for me” Giving Cynthia a shove and she stood up shakily on her feet and gave a little bah! She was feeling a little bit hungry considering she had not eaten for a while. The vet laughed and gave her something to chew on.


Mm thought Cynthia it’s not too bad here. I wonder how Sidney is, then she remembered the new sheep who was vying for his attention and instantly gave a loud burp! The vet laughed, there’s nothing wrong with your digestive system, you will be able to go home today.


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