Cynthia’s found.

Luckily for Cynthia the farmer was walking back from his local pub after having a well deserved pint of beer 🍺 with his faithful sheep dog by his side. The dog was restless he had heard Cynthia’s cries previously and he could smell a sheep in distress.

The farmer told the dog to find and the dog jumped the stone wall and started barking. The farmer followed and found Cynthia, he immediately called his charge hand on his mobile phone to tell him to ring the vet and let him know that they were bringing a sheep straight to the surgery.

He bent down to Cynthia and said, don’t worry missy we will sort you out soon. The land rover arrived and the two men carried Cynthia’s near lifeless body into the back. They arrived at the vets in no time and the vet quickly led them over to the examination table.

The vet knew instantly what the problem was!



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