Traditional v digital

Traditional in acrylics 1,



V Digital

1st attempt which looked a bit weak




I’m gradually learning through copying my previous paintings that I need to increase my brush load and apply more pressure. Which do you prefer? 1,2 or 3




10 Comments on “Traditional v digital

  1. Elaine your style, which is so distinctive to me, is a big part of the appeal. I bet if you painted elephants with coal tar I would instantly recognize it as yours and smile.

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    • Aww that is a lovely thing to say thank you. I suppose I should stop trying so hard and just go with the flow. 🤔


  2. They all are good and I could point out the good part of each. Acrylic and oil painting will not be replaced by digital. If you really want me to pick just one for the look of them, I pick #3.

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