I feel like I am got to grips with my Wacom tablet but I’m finding it too small, I can’t work with a flourish ( I’m artistic 😏)  I also have to look at the screen on my computer all the time and it is a bit of a pain!

Therefore I have decided to shake things up a bit and I’ve just ordered a new device which I can draw directly on to. It was on offer on Amazon and after watching several  You Tube reviews I think this will suit me better.

I can connect it to my laptop and use it on my knee as opposed to sitting in another room. Obviously I will have to get used to looking at what I’m painting again 🙄 and no doubt I will have to go through the pain of learning something new but  hey 🤷🏼‍♀️ no pain no gain!

F456353A-E8AD-4EBE-A4DD-BC32CAF8DA14  I can happily say that digital is the way forward for me and I’m excited to see how my skills will hopefully develop over time.

Elaine 👩‍🎨



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