Snow Again 😳

You were right Anthony! We woke up to snow this morning 😳

What is happening! It’s Easter for goodness sake 🐣🐣🐣


  1. climate change is what is happening..unfortunately, our “leaders” (in the US) think it is all a hoax and have dismantled our efforts to slow it down. Expect more snow, later and later into spring, and more heat, later and later into fall.

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  2. It’s snowing here too, Elaine! We do sometimes get it in April, but, it’s unusual! Yesterday was warm and sunny and in the 60’s (f) I love snow, but, this year, I’m pretty fed up with it, at this point! Grrr, get off my spring flowers! πŸ˜‰

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  3. We could use. Snow or rain here in the west because of crops. But dumping it on a holiday for travelling is dangerous. It was supposed to be I the 50s this week. Today it’s huge winds and 22F. Freezing! I hope your rain doesn’t turn to ice Elaine. I’m very happy you’re on the second floor! ;.)

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        1. It’s funny but John is very into trains and he uses a simulator on his computer to drive trains all over the world. Yesterday he did the Wyoming to Cheyenne run and he was telling me it is a very windy place and that trains can be blown over!


          1. Definitely. The worst problem is the huge trucks and semis. Rollovers frequent. The other night we were coming home and they had all been parked off on the sides of the freeway by the state patrol. I know they have schedules for delivery but that’s too dangerous.

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