Your Special Song Dad


I still think of you Dad, deep into the night

As I sit in your chair and look at the light

Remembering  your voice and the things that you’d say

And i try not to cry and remember to pray

Every night you say your prayers without fail

Even when you were very ill and frail

I remember you saying you sometimes forgot

So I said I would say them for you and that meant a lot

I look at your photo, which smiles back at me

I am happy your gone because now you’re pain free

I know you wouldn’t be happy if you saw me looking sad

But I am only human and you were my Dad

Your great Grandson was singing your special song today

The one you sang to all you children and they would then say

Sing it again Granddad and you did again and again

So all the singing  you did was never in vain

I hope you can hear them from your special place

And see the love and laughter that shines  on their face

I know how happy and proud you would be

Four beautiful Great Grandchildren sat down here with me

Love you Dad Goodnight and God Bless xxx

Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved


  1. Beautiful Elaine. Both of my parents are dead. My mom died of a brain tumour 25 years ago in May and never saw either of her grandchildren and my Dad died of a heartache 21 years ago also in May, when my eldest son was six months old. It saddens my to think that my sons missed out so much in not knowing their grandparents.

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