Digital waterfall !

Those who know me well on here will remember when I attempted to hand paint a waterfall, it nearly finished me off!

Eventually I finished it feeling like I had given birth…. NO, to be honest, it was worse than giving birth!

This was the finished result which has pride of place in our hallway and took several days to complete, much to the amusement to a few followers. You know who you are!


This is my digital version minus me bathing by moonlight. Creating this digital version was like giving birth with an epidural , painless!! It took approx 2 hours to complete.

I like both versions of a waterfall although I am sure I will perfect the digital version the more I learn how to do things.

waterfall 1


    • Do you know Kim, every digital painting I do I think of you! I will not be happy until I can create something that you think equals hand painting lol. It may take me a long time but I will do it. 😊 Happy Easter Kim 🐣

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