Awake in the night.

After suffering from extreme fatigue and various other health issues I was prescribed something to help me sleep at night. 😴

In the beginning I found the medication very good. So good that I was sleeping for up to ten hours at a time. 😊 Sheer bliss, the only thing I couldn’t understand was why my legs ached so much the morning after πŸ€”

I got up feeling like I had run a marathon , I just could not understand why I still felt tired πŸ˜“

Now I know why and the mystery has been solved. It would appear that these tablets have given me a special gift! One that money cannot buy! I can fall asleep almost instantly but if John makes the slightest noise I’m wide awake 😳

Then it begins πŸ™„

Slowly but surely my legs start to twitch 😳 and then ………

My legs start moving in all directions.

Oh yes my knee can reach up to my chin, the quilt is kicked aside and I’m off giving the performance of my life. I’m horizontal dancing

This goes on for a while then just as I’m falling asleep again, you guessed it, I’m dancing again!

Every cloud has a silver lining

It’s official

I can now Irish dance. πŸ˜‰


  1. Ugh – do you have restless leg syndrome? My MIL has that and it sounds awful. I get small pains in my legs and have to move them but nothing that keeps me up like it does for her and you. I’m sorry Elaine – hope everything gets worked out and you get to sleep sound again!

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  2. the unfortunate side effect of most sleeping medications is restless leg syndrome. While I adore Irish dancing, I am sorry you are doing it asleep…just remember, it should be properly done while standing up. lol

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    1. Lol, oh yes John would appreciate me dancing round the bed every night, never mind the neighbour on the floor beneath 😏 He just has to remember to keep still and not make a sound otherwise my head starts spinning and the dancing begins. Poor John πŸ™„

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  3. That seems like a contradictory result. However, I had those uncontrollable leg movements for years, rarely now. I also had RLS restless leg syndrome which caused me to practically lose my mind. It felt like things were crawling inside my legs. That was probably the worst of any of my problems, pain included. Good luck, find another doctor?

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  4. Oh, now I got the story of the angel story. In my case, I have something to calm the nerve of my lymphedema leg, and something else to calm the anxiety in my head. Otherwise, I would be doing the Irish dance also. Keep looking for the answer. ❀

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  5. I thought it was an age thing, at first. I’ve got the same issue, endlessly, night after night. Then trying to get moving in the morning, my legs at first refuse, you danced all night, dumbo, you want me to do whaaat? lol

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