Digital v traditional art!

I’ve become a little bit disillusioned doing digital art!

Let me rephrase that, I am finding digital art too difficult to master 😏

More difficult would you believe than painting by hand with a canvas, paint and brushes 🙄 I know that with practice I could master digital art, but do I really want to? That’s the question I keep asking myself. Can I actually be bothered? 😒

I sat this morning retouching a couple of paintings that I did previously. My lady in the garden had faded, I still had a photo of her all her glory but on the wall she looked tired, I couldn’t take my eyes off her because she was just above the T.V. Well now she is restored.



I had also painted another painting that I was not one hundred percent happy with so I added to that one too! It was too dark so I added some light green and white into it. Painting by hand felt so easy. 🙂

Then I received a message asking if I had tried multi media art?  After asking the question, what exactly is multi media art? It was explained that I could create something digitally then finish it the traditional way.

What do you think?

Which do you prefer?

Elaine 🙂



  1. I think your digitally enhanced paintings are very pretty. I also think your original acrylics are gorgeous. Mixed media, at least to my mind, has always been painting plus a sort of decoupage of print media, fabrics, etc to create a layered look. I am not a huge fan of it………and actually..totally honest since taste is completely subjective…. I liked the paintings you did BEFORE you enhanced them digitally. That’s just me though. Ultimately it will come down to “what makes Elaine happiest”?

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  2. I have to say I have never even attempted digital art, I am definitely technically challenged and always looking for ways to spend less time on a computer and more time actually painting, in real life, with a brush! That’s just me, old school and I would say, if it’s fun for you and you like the result, go for it! If not, grab your brushes instead and if it is somewhere in between, that’s good too…but not for me! The only painting that I do on my computer is literally that, GETTING PAINT on my computer!!! Haha, I wonder how many artists out there have computers that are as paint stained as mine?!!! 🙂

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  3. I think the creative process though may be more difficult and even messy with actual brush and paints is more satisfying to you.
    I also tin Suze is correct, some painters create the actual painted version over the digital. But you can always try it and see if you like it. ♡


  4. Your own hand paintings are 100% better than anyone’s digital art, in my opinion. Your paintings come from your heart and are original, stemming from your own thoughts and imagination.

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  5. I’ve never done that before…but I ordered one of my prints on canvas from a place because I want to sell them….blah blah blah…anyway….it was crap. So I’m going to just fix it in real life and try a different company when I’ve more money. But it seems it should be fun and not that different from just painting in real life starting on blank wood. Fun exploring, isn’t it?!!! 🙂 Love the new sheep heading! Gifted me a laugh. Cheers!!!

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    1. i ordered three of elaine’s paintings on canvas at an online place..they all came out beautifully. they look like she painted them for me. Lemme find their info and send it to you.

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  6. I agree that art should be done through mediums that are the most comfortable for you. Mixed media is usually an artwork done through the use of multiple mediums. Collages being the simplest example. And the traditional to digital art can go both ways. You can start off either digitally or traditionally, and then merge to the other and even back again if you want! Freedom to do with it what you will is the beauty of art- there is no right or wrong way (other than simply not doing it at all!)
    I prefer to do digital art myself, though I do often enjoy painting with brushes and acrylics. Sometimes I do my sketching on paper and then finish up on the computer. From my experience, I find a lot of my art is frowned upon since digital art is a relatively new medium. I’ve even had someone tell me to my face that what I do isn’t considered art. This is fine, as art is a totally subjective thing, though many don’t consider that a lot of the thought process behind traditional art can be applied to the digital variant as well. You still need general knowledge of composition, color theory, anatomy, etc.
    As for your paintings, I love how vibrant the hues are. I think my favorite is the dark-haired lady to the left of your lady in the garden in the first image.


    1. Thanks I agree that without doing painting the traditional way I would have found it difficult to do digital. I l enjoy digital more because there is so much more choice and it’s definitely less expensive!


  7. I like how prolific you are with your digital art…it seems you do multiple pieces a day! For me, that’s the best part of digital drawings, having it so convenient and streamlined that I could do it anywhere at any time. But there’s character, a dimensionality, to traditional painting that I certainly don’t know how to achieve with a computer.

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    1. I know I turn out lots, I try to take my time sometimes but I don’t enjoy it as much. When I was using paint and canvas I could do two or three a day which made it very expensive 😬

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