I’ve become a little bit disillusioned doing digital art!

Let me rephrase that, I am finding digital art too difficult to master 😏

More difficult would you believe than painting by hand with a canvas, paint and brushes 🙄 I know that with practice I could master digital art, but do I really want to? That’s the question I keep asking myself. Can I actually be bothered? 😒

I sat this morning retouching a couple of paintings that I did previously. My lady in the garden had faded, I still had a photo of her all her glory but on the wall she looked tired, I couldn’t take my eyes off her because she was just above the T.V. Well now she is restored.



I had also painted another painting that I was not one hundred percent happy with so I added to that one too! It was too dark so I added some light green and white into it. Painting by hand felt so easy. 🙂

Then I received a message asking if I had tried multi media art?  After asking the question, what exactly is multi media art? It was explained that I could create something digitally then finish it the traditional way.

What do you think?

Which do you prefer?

Elaine 🙂