I just couldn’t resist this morning!


I woke with an incredible urge this morning that I couldn’t shake off and no it wasn’t for chocolate 🍫. I had a very healthy breakfast of porridge 🥣 ☺️

I am now definitely trotting  towards healthy eating after being told that I need to completely change my lifestyle to improve my health.


SEE, proof below:

The supermarket had run out of bananas due to the snow preventing delivery, otherwise there would have been a large bunch on top of the fruit. I also bought grapes 🍇 , walnuts, peppers, sweet potatoes and lots and lot of salad 🥗 stuff., plus veggies.

Move over the monk who sold his Ferrari because  I’m coming to join you, although what we will travel in I don’t know 🤔

That’s a lie because I know we will have to walk more 😒

Anyway, moving on with the Monk I also did a morning meditation, courtesy of my good friend who writes Soul gifts. It was perfect for me Raili, thank you very much it was brilliant.


Not to mislead you but the photo above is not me! The photo below is more of a likeness hence the healthy eating plan 😉


No my urge this morning was to paint 🎨 I went to my computer and switched it all on to do some digital painting! I played around a bit but my eyes kept wandering towards the large crates that hold all my acrylic paints , canvases and brushes.


Concentrate I kept telling myself, concentrate! 😫

But It did not work 😏

I pulled out a canvas and immediately started painting a green background.

B1B3B668-A2E0-4129-8C5B-2179E0CBCB05It felt sooooo good better than chocolate actually! Then my online supermarket shopping arrived and I had to break off. The shopping was put away in record time. I didn’t even check the dates 😳 I just wanted to get back to painting. 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

Sitting in front of the canvas it felt strange, yet familiar, if that makes sense. Really I should make the choice between digital and traditional. I started my painting and then I missed a few of the things I had learned doing on the digital side.

I love the eraser ✏️ 💖💞💖 It is my new best friend. 👭

Yet I love the speed I can hand paint. 🏃🏻‍♀️

The jury is still out for me to decide which I like the best, I need to study digital art more and give it a fair go, just like when I began hand painting.

Anyway this is what I created, I have to say I feel more at peace with myself now. My  urge to hand paint was fleeting.  My satisfaction is sated and the craving has gone.

Now I need to start preparing all the veg 😋😏🙂