Painting “Change & The Center of Gravity”

I am in awe of this digital painting artist, so much so I have bought myself a Wacom draw pad today 😉 Check out Liza amazing blog , you won’t be disappointed.

North Liza Lane

It began with an image that had arrived in my mind. It was of a woman with a beautiful light shining from within her heart. Before I could get started on this new painting, a nagging tickle in my throat soon turned into a rib breaking cough, and days in bed with a cold.

During my waking moments, I continued to watch the image paint itself in my imagination. Once I recovered, I set to work on creating this painting. However, something had changed. The painting had changed, and it was different. I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. What I had imagined was no longer there to work from. This was very disconcerting, and I experienced a few moments of doubt. Each painting is an adventure, and I see it as a sort of movie that I participate with. Then, I finally began to…

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      1. Right? I have a job and am pretty busy right now… seems painting, with brushes and the drop cloths and paint clothes gets put on the back burner at the end of very long days. But man, I can sit on the couch with my man and a glass of wine and open my computer and paint away. No effort. It has saved my sanity! And has allowed me to play when I’m too tired to play the other way!!! There are SOOOOO many platforms for digital art. It will be fun to watch Your journey! 🙂

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  1. beautiful………………………………………


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