Lottery win!


John and I were having an in-depth conversation last night about winning the lottery. We have just started buying a ticket each week and I was telling John the importance of asking the universe to help us to win. Now in case you don’t know if you are wanting material gain the universe will not grant that wish easily. No the secret is that yes, you can ask for anything but it has to benefit others also.

An example of what not to do would be.

Please Universe let me / us win the lottery this week, I could buy a Ferrari 😉and a big house. What the hell, I could buy houses all over the world and spend the odd week here and there using them. I would go on around the world trips in first class, dripping in gold. Wearing designer labels. I would give the kids loads of money, they would never want for anything again.

This was the conversation I had with John last night.

John: I’ve bought a lottery ticket for tonight.

Me: Oh yeah

John: It’s an estimated 154 million pounds

Me: 😳 good grief, that’s an obscene amount of money, what could someone do with that amount of money

John: I know

Me: If we won that amount of money would it be wrong to want to move into a bigger place so I could have a proper art studio and never have to think about ordering canvases or paint

John: I don’t think that’s unreasonable

Me: Getting into the spirit of it now….. I would like to give our children some money but not too much. Just enough to make their lives easier, perhaps pay off their mortgages . Then they could still work but perhaps do something different. My youngest would like to start her own cleaning business and make celebration cakes on the side.

Me: Oh I hope someone wins it that would spread the joy around

John: Well I have already begun making a list of charities.

Me: That’s great, you could manage how the money is spread around, 154 million!

John: nodding

Me: Some come on let’s ask the universe  or I think we need to write it down so it means more! I did that for the caravan and it worked 😳 honestly it did!

We sat in silence for a bit thinking. This morning I asked John…..

Me: John Did we win?

John: Well we have got a email from the lottery site

Me: what does it say, what does it say?

John: wait a minute, smiling he said…….

Your ticket has finished do you want to play again !

We had to laugh, I do hope whoever has won does do the right things with the money. Money does not bring us happiness, it brings us choices and those choices could be lifesavers for so many people.

So if you have good fortune, spread it around 😀


  1. Hi Elaine. I agree, greed doesn’t win anyone any points with the universe. As a parent, if I won a large amount of money, helping my boys realise their dreams would be my first priority. After that, as I am not a material person and possessions mean nothing, a cabin in the bush would be the answer to my dreams. Wishing you luck!

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  2. This made me chuckle! It makes me sad when I read of someone who was lucky and fortunate enough to win big on the lottery, only to blow it on stuff for themselves (like a boat, drugs, lots of partying, fast cars), then wind up broke and miserable afterwards. Spreading some joy and helping others out would surely be priceless. Better luck next time to you & John!
    Caz x

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  3. “Ask and it shall be given” – but you’re right, there is a process. Do it with a joyful heart, release your list to the universe with a ritual burning and then leave it up to Spirit – no expectations 🙂


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