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I have always felt a deep compassion for the homeless , I can’t think of anything worse than not having a bed to sleep in! Therefore I would like to offer anyone a free download of any of my paintings. Then if something could be donated to someone who is homeless or a charity of their choice in their own area that would be brilliant.

If you would like a free digital download maybe to use as a raffle prize, your own pleasure , a gift to someone please email me supplying an email address for me to send the download to.

Then it’s down to you yourselves to give something to someone/charity

Please take advantage of this gesture, I am under no illusion that I am a great artist. However if what I do spreads a little happiness to people who need help let’s do this and spread a little bit of joy all around the world.

Elaine 🌹

Here is the list of paintings which will be added to as and when.

1) A field of daisies

2) Wild and Windy

3) Seeing Stars

4) Fairies at play

5) Japanese Lady

6) Universe painting

7) Angel of peace

8) Lady in the garden

9) Summer breezes

10) Tree of life

11) Fairyland fantasy

12) Scattering Stars

13) Poppy field

14) Resting birds

15) Reflecting cats)

16) Angel of light

17) Rising Mermaids

18) Abundance of flowers

19) View into Space

20) Geisha girl

21) Sleeping fantasy


  1. thank you Elaine. Just a little FYI..The neighbors and I donated the following to the Salvation Army this morning: 2 electric space heaters, 15 blankets, 2 sleeping bags, 12 large sacks of winter clothing for all sexes and sizes, one large sack of wooly socks, 1 large sack of boots, gloves, caps and scarves….and an anonymous $150.00 check donation. See what you have started?

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