It’s been a strange day!

It has been a strange day today, I’ve been painting and thinking, painting and thinking. I feel blessed to be able to paint something that maybe some people would like to have. I never began painting to make money yet I have opened an online site just to do that. WHY?

I always wanted to write a book which I believe was because I wanted to be remembered when I am no longer here! Somehow painting has taken that place.

John and I are not well off and to be honest money does not mean a lot to us as long as we can pay the bills and eat then we are happy.

I have always felt for the homeless , I can’t think of anything worse than not having a bed to sleep in! Therefore I would like to offer anyone a free download of any of my paintings and if it’s possible for them to give a little bit of something to someone who is homeless or a charity in their own area that would be brilliant.

Obviously a couple of people have already bought downloads from me and I know that they will be happy to know that their contributions WILL be forwarded on to in this case my choice of charity The Salvation Army.

If you would like a free download maybe to use as a raffle prize or just for yourself please email me supplying an email address for me to send the download to. It is then down to you to give something to someone/charity.

I will list my paintings in the next few days, please take advantage and spread a little happiness to people who need help and let us all spread a little bit of joy all around the world.

Elaine 🌹


  1. what a wonderful way to bring joy to someone…………..the joy of getting help from a darned good business that exists to serve humanity and the gift of joy when looking at the gorgeous work you do with your art. I so admire you!

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  2. What a heartfelt and loving thing to do, Elaine 🙂 My neighbour is an angel to the homeless and those in desperate need, providing food and goods on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis if she gets calls for crisis assistance. Sometimes in the middle of the night. She is a single mum of 5 kids, yet selfless in her support to those in need. I add to her stock on a weekly basis. And for Christmas I made up a boxful of individual gifts. It is such a joy to be able to do this – to share of our own abundance. It comes back manyfold, in many ways! May you be deeply blessed, Elaine xxx

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  3. What a great gestures from the gentle soul. I’m touched by your love and want to share your bright and cheerful painting with the ones who need the lifting. I appreciate very much of what you do, Elaine!

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