Monday morning.

Monday morning and it’s raining cats and dogs this morning.  ( It isn’t really that’s just a figure of speech) why that started is beyond me. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I mean how could it rain 🐈 🐈 &🐕🐕 perhaps it was described that way because all the cats and dogs went indoors when it rained. Anyway, answers on a postcard to interesting facts would be welcome.

I was awake very early yesterday morning because I had a painting idea. I actually started the painting at 6.30am.  Well, honest truth that painting must have changed itself a dozen times in the course of eight hours work, spaced out through the day!

It must have had ten coats of paint applied then I scraped it off. The board is ready to collapse but I am not giving up.

It started as abstract, then it went to planets. Just when I felt I was getting somewhere John my biggest critic…. sorry fan, said it looked like a Lego brick. 😳 Suddenly I could see what he meant, I had four planets almost in each corner of the painting 😬

I was so mad 😡 did he really need to say that. 😤 I went to bed thinking 🤔  but managed to sleep very well. This morning the first thing I did was go into the office come art room and take another look at it!  All I could focus on was a Lego brick! Then I turned the painting around on its end to see if it looked better ☺️🤓  Nope it was still a Lego brick.😳

I sat and looked at it for a while then took the painting to John and said…… What if I put another planet in the middle? He looked at me and I read his mind.  🎲 No it will then look like a dice 🎲 😫

I may have to perform a planet removal today which is a delicate operation, you can’t get it on the National Health in England and I can’t afford to go private but it needs to be done! 😏😔More later .

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  1. Just be very careful not to create a black hole when removing a planet. Once a black hole is created the blackhole police will appear and drive you insane with their nerf ball guns and tasers…..

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