Feeling excited 😊

It may sound strange but now that I have separated my paintings from my writing I feel lighter. I have been sorting out my Etsy  site. I am also offering digital downloads of my paintings to anyone who wants to download to print themselves or forward it to someone who can make a print or put the image on a canvas.                   .

I’ve started a new painting today which I am pleased with so far. Our eldest daughter came with our two grandsons for lunch which was lovely. ( seeing them, not the lunch) although that was nice too. 🤭

My five little angels keep putting poems into my head which is good because I’ve missed them and I’ve missed writing about my everyday life. I can’t believe that it is mid February already 😳 January dragged by.  I am looking forward to using our little static caravan when the site opens on the 1st March

AB74A58C-3157-4DB5-B751-C1A4BD81A7EDYou may notice the flotation tanks underneath the van , that’s because the caravan site is situated on an island with a Weir on one side


and a river on the other side, not that it has flooded for many years, it’s just a precaution .

F3DF3A68-BF90-4CB3-8EDD-F2BDD419A077It is such a lovely place, we only had six weeks or so last season because we bought the caravan late in the year.  The site is only open from the 1st March to the end of October and we intend to spend a lot of time there this year. The only let down is that there is no internet connection, which can be both good and bad!

John and I are on babysitting duties for the next week, school holidays for our granddaughter and grandson which should be fun 🙄 More about that later!


  1. oh gosh….I don’t know which one I want first…the space picture…the coral flowers, the daisies! and where am I going to hang them all? decisions! hurry up payday (it’s tomorrow!)

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