How different paintings look in frames

Since opening our shop on Etsy  John has taken more professional photographs of my artwork. We are now selling prints and have bought a selection of frames to show how they look framed. I feel really pleased with the results and would like to thank everyone on here for their encouragement throughout my painting journey. John has always been very supportive but without my loyal followers on here I may have given up at the start. Thank you.

Here is a look back.

Just a small section of my paintings if you want to see more click on the link above. 🌹


  1. lovely work. Starting to wish I could get the energy to clean my house and make my workshop useful again. Doing some serious thinking along those lines…and I need a ton of contractor garbage bags to make it possible. At least I’m near Home Depot right now (hee hee).

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  2. I like the tiny flowers with the white frame bringing out the white flowers. Of course down into your first paintings, the red poppies is one of my favorites with the contrasting yellow background. The Asian women also favorites. So many choices!💞💓💗💕

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